Knåddskogen - Game Project

Knåddskogen is a third person exploration game where you play as a kindergarten teacher who lost a group of kids in a Swedish forest and goes on a search into the woods to find them.
The game was made in Unity by a group of 9 students (two 2D artists, four 3D artists and three designers) during a 7-week long game project at Futuregames.

My role was to make vegetation. Many of the assets were based on 2D concepts by Sanne Karlsson. We experimented a lot with the style. The idea was to create a stylized game, keeping the shapes that would represent a familiar and recognizable environment. The shader for all the plants was made by Annie Åberg.

Knåddskogen won Best Execution in Art and Gamers' Choice awards at the Swedish Game Awards 2018.

Here you can download the game:

Knåddskogen Trailer